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Break Bricks

Game Type: arcade

Filesize:2.97 MB

Charge: 2.44 tk.

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Break Bricks is smash brick, classic game, free and addictive for all age group.

Break Bricks is free classic game. It is very addictive game for kids and all age group. Break Bricks is the collection of the best arcade games. Try our game Break Bricks at least once, to remember how great it was! In this game you must Break lines and earn point. This is a full of fun and very exciting block puzzle game in which you smash the bricks line. It will bring you back to your childhood. It is very simple and exciting game in which you just break as much as possible lines formed by carefully placed bricks. You can play games for FREE, so Download and install Break Bricks game app and try Break Bricks block based game once, to know how amazing and fun-filled game it is.