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Meier The Drinking Game

Game Type: other

Filesize:2.40 MB

Charge: 2.44 tk.

Data Browsing Charge: Applicable


"Meier" provides two dice, a coaster and dice shaker for your party! Pass the dice around.

The first player is picked by the group (to help with the decision, I recommend the App: "Short Match"). The player rolls and peeks at his dice (slide the dice shaker up with your finger).The Phone is then passed to the next player, keeping the dice covered (use your fingers to push the shaker over the dice). This player either calls the bluff or rolls and announces his points, and with the dice hidden, passes to the next player who does the same. If the player isn t the one who started the round, his announcement (throw or bluff) has to be a higher score than previous player"s announcement. The announced score can be true or a lie.